Add spectacular aerial video or stills to your next production. Our FAA 107 licensed and insured pilots can add unique perspectives to any production and using drones is cost effective. Improve your bottom line by avoiding the costly deployments of cranes and jibs while still getting the vantage points and motion you desire in your shots.


Not only can an aerial photography show the entire scope of a property but it can also demonstrate the advantages of its location. Cool New Media aerial photography and videos are professionally produced and proven as an effective means to inform both buyers and sellers.  For a potential buyer, a familiarity with the property is already established before the first visit.  Competitive pricing and fast turnaround give you the advantage you need.

Cool New Media’s equipment permits the Director and DP the ability to see what the drone sees in real time. This improves communications between our crew and your Director/DP or team and ensures we get the shots you need. Video and Stills we shoot on set can be reviewed after each shot.

Cool New Media crews are top professionals in their fields with extensive experience in Film & TV productions. Our pilots are FAA 107 licensed and fully insured and have logged hundreds of hours flying drones on production sets. Our crew will work with you to make sure you realize your vision for every shot.

Cool New Media has developed extensive safety procedures. We will work with your production crews to insure full safety compliance on-set. Our drones are constantly maintained and are equipped with latest safety technology.

As soon as we get to location we setup and initiate our flight readiness and safety checks. Once safety checks are complete we work closely with you to create a comprehensive flight plan that will allow us to capture best possible shots. During the flight you will have the ability to monitor real-time video feed through our state-of-the-art wireless video system and communicate with operator to fine-tune the shot.

At Cool New Media safety is our number one priority. Stringent safety protocols and top tier technology make our unmanned aerial vehicles extremely safe. Our UAV’s have a number of FailSafe features built-in: if radio signal is lost, on board GPS and Autopilot automatically guides UAV back to the take off location. If one of the motors fails, multi-rotor configuration allows for the rest of the motors to land the aircraft safely. Our pilots follows strict protocols and have years of experience flying drone/UAV’s.

Our operational altitude is limited to 400 feet based on FAA regulation and safety reasons. The exception is when shooting structures taller than 400’ and then with an FAA waiver we can fly 400’ above the height of the structure as long as we are in compliance with airspace.

We can operate safely in winds of up to 15+ mph and light precipitation.

We can fly almost any drone but own and operate the DJI Phantom 4 Pro +, DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Mavic Pro. These options allow us to fly practically anywhere, inside or outside, safely and capture breathtaking aerial video and photography in 4K resolution.

Due to many variables such as location, amount and type of footage, production, equipment and post production techniques it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Please contact us for details.