Metro Atlanta Plan

Nice look at some of Atlanta’s iconic images in this corporate real estate program.

Most Informed Man in the World

A humorous corporate video send up of the Worlds Most Interesting Man ad, repositioned as the “Most Informed Man”.

Titan Sales Training Program

Intro for a sales training initiative with clever nods to Rocky and the Twilight Zone.

Food TV Pilot

Food Stylist Annette Joseph in a pilot demo for Food Network.

Madison Park “Sunrise”

The official music video for Madison Park – Sunrise. This song, which was a collaboration with Dutch producer Beechkraft, went to #28 on the Billboard Dance Chart. The video also features the avant garde dance troupe gloATL.

Fitness Is (Reebok)

Reebok explored fitness as a part of our daily lives and discussed it with people from all over the world. This is a teaser of their discoveries.

Imperial Guardhouse

This is one of the guardhouses surrounding the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Party Box – Red Carpet Teaser

A short clip from the show “Party Box”. Highlighting the red carpet arrival at the Starr-Long Red Dress Party with host Peter Davenport. Music by Madison Park.

Party Box

The show about artist throwing parties. TV Show pilot we developed for Bravo! Featuring Peter Davenport.

GoGo: Nature Transformed

Gogo: Nature Transformed explores the role the natural environment plays in shaping the jewelry and home wares created by Georgia designer Janet “Gogo” Ferguson. Cumberland Island, the southernmost barrier island on the Georgia coast, plays a formative role in Gogo’s work as both her home base and her primary source of inspiration. From the bones...